OpenTalks.AI 2021
  • Alexey Dosovitskiy
    PhD, senior research scientist, Google Brain.
  • Dmitry Vetrov
    PhD, research professor at HSE, leader of Samsung AI Center - Moscow

  • Konstantin Anokhin
    Neurophysiologist, Academician of RAS, Director of the Institute for Advanced Research of the Brain, MSU
  • Sergey Nikolenko
    PDMI RAS, Neuromation
    Researcher at Laboratory of Mathematical Logic of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Mathematical Institute, RAS and Laboratory of Internet Research, HSE, professor of the Academic University, RAS. Chief Research Officer in Neuromation
  • Viktor Lempitsky
    Leader of Samsung AI Center - Moscow. Associate professor of Skoltech
  • Alexader Krainov
    Head of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Yandex
  • Evgeny Burnaev
    PhD, Associate Professor, Head scientific group "Modern data analysis in science and engineering", Skoltech
  • Alexander Novikov
    Completed his PhD under the supervision of Dmitry Vetrov and Ivan Oseledets, doing research at the intersection of tensor methods and machine learning. Senior research scientist, DeepMind, does research in the field of offline RL.
  • Kpnstantin Vorontsov
    PhD, Professor of RAS, Head of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of MIPT, Head of the Department of Intelligent Systems, FRC CSC RAS
  • Arkady Sandler
    Ex-director of AI center PAO MTS
  • Andrey Ustyuzhanin
    HSE, Yandex
    Head of Yandex and CERN projects. Participates in the development of EventIndex and EventFilter services, which Yandex has been providing for the LHCb experiment since 2011.
  • Grigory Sapunov
    Artificial intelligence and data analysis specialist. CTO and co-founder of Intento, founder of Eclass, ex-head of Yandex.News service development.
  • Alexander Panov
    Ph.D., associate professor, head of laboratory of cognitive dynamic systems, MIPT, senior researcher Institute for Problems of Artificial Intelligence, FRC CSC RAS, member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Association for AI
  • Alexander Gromov
    Third Opinion
    R&D Teamlead
  • Evgeny Vityaev
    Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
    PhD, Leading Researcher at Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, professor of NSU

  • Anton Kolonin
    Founder of Aigents, AI and blockchain architect of SingularityNET, senior lecturer, NSU
  • Sergey Terekhov
    PhD, 25+ years in applied neuroinformatics. Member of the Board of the Russian Association of Neuroinformatics
  • Anton Konushin
    HSE, Samsung AI
    PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Big Data and Information Retrieval, Faculty of Computer Science, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Lecturer at the Yandex School of Data Analysis.

  • Dmitry Pagin
    ML and CV developer. Worked in the Macroscop video analytics group. Blogger on habr and author of two thematic courses on ML and CV
  • Sergey Orlov
    Gazprom neft
    Head of the Oil Supply Systems Department, Product Manager and Head of the "CAPITAN" Information System Project.
  • Mikhail Guschin
    PhD, Researcher, Lambda, HSE, coordinator of the group on statistics and machine learning of the LHCb experiment at CERN.
  • Sergey Shumsky
    PhD, senior researcher at the Physics Institute, RAS. Scientific director of the NTI Competence Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Ilya Zharikov
    Team Lead of several teams working on the optimization of neural network models at the Machine Intelligence Laboratory of MIPT. Graduated MIPT and Skoltech in Data Science, PhD student at MIPT.
  • Nikolai Gaiduchenko
    Engineer of 1 category
  • Nikita Andriyanov
    Associate Professor of the Department of Data Analysis and Machine Learning of the Financial University under the Government of RF
  • Alexander Haidarov
    Product manager, leader of CV and NLP R&D
  • Denis Timonin
    AI Solutions Architect
  • Andrey Neznnamov
    Founder and head of ANO "Robopravo" Ph.D., member of the Expert Council of the State Duma of Russian Federation on digital economy and blockchain technologies, expert the Digital Economy program.
  • Alexey Okunev
  • Kirill Arzamasov
    Chief Researcher
  • Vafim Strijov
    PhD, Professor of MIPT, Leading Researcher of the Federal Research Center of the Institute of Control Sciences of RAS, Editor-in-Chief of the Machine Learning and Data Analysis journal.
  • Timofei Pyrkov
    Research fellow and head of mHealth R&D
  • Andrey Kotseruba
    Data Scientist, department of advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Pavel Fakanov
    Research Engineer, Replika AI. Machine Learning Researcher, LAMBDA HSE
  • Alexey Chernyavskii
    Ph.D., Senior Researcher Philips Innovation Labs RUS
  • Daniil Kireev
    Senior Researcher
  • Yulia Shevchenko
    Python developer ML/Python/Flask, R&D в ООО MITLABS, NLP/ML developer в MutuAlies, Founding member AIForSEO
  • Inna Moroz
    Director of Business Development
  • Kirill Aksenov
    Postgraduate student at MIPT, does research in the field of integration planning and reinforcement learning in robotics
  • Olga Megorskaya
    Head of Toloka, CEO
  • Valentin Biryukov
    Analyst Team Lead
  • Sergey Alyamkin
  • Roman Kutsev
    CEO & Founder
  • Evgeny Nikitin
    Head of AI Department, Celsus, PhD Candidate at New York University, Master of Science at University of Warwick.
  • Aleksandr Petiushko
    PhD (MSU, 2016), Scientific expert and head of the video intelligence group at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Data Science, Huawei
  • Denis Parhomenko
    Ph.D, 2018-2020 - Technical Leader of Multilingual Speech Generation at Huawei. Since 2020 - Technical Leader of the Hybrid Video Codec Group in the Russian Huawei.
  • Olga Perepelkina
    Deep Learning Product Manager
  • Alexey Gruzdev
    Federated Learning Team Lead
  • Emely Dral
    Co-founder & CTO
  • Andrey Arefiev
    Director for Innovation Projects. Has 15 years of experience in software development as a full stack developer and project manager.
  • Alexey Tsyplakov
  • Vadim Sedelnikov
    PhD in ML, Lead Data Scientist, Nornikel
  • Valentin Malykh
    Researcher, Huawei. Previously worked as a researcher at the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Deep Learning at MIPT, Yandex, VKontakte, Cognitive Technologies.
  • Boris Zingerman
    Head of digital medicine, INVITRO, member of the expert council on information and communication technologies of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, head of the NBMZ
  • Andrey Savchenko
    PhD, Leading Researcher at the Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Network Structures Analysis, Professor of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Computer Science, HSE (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Evgeny Tsymbalov
    PhD in ML (Skoltech). working on his Ph.D. Working on his PhD thesis, collaborated with the world's leading institutions: MIT (USA) and NTU (Singapore)
  • Egor Filimonov
    Graduated from NNSU. 5 лет в Intel. 5 years at Intel. 2 years in the autonomous car industry. Joined Huawei in 2020. Works in Optimization of neural networks, Huawei Ascend
  • Anna Serebryanikova
    Managing partner
  • Andrey Olhovik
    Crowd Solution Architect
  • Nataliya Loukashevich
    PhD, Leading Researcher, Research Computing Center, MSU, professor of the philological faculty of MSU, professor of N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Oleg Serebrennikov
    Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. Serial entrepreneur and IT investor.
  • Oleg Varlamov
    PhD, professor of the Department of Information Processing and Control Systems, creator of mivar technologies of logical artificial intelligence, director of the MIVAR Research Institute
  • Vladislav Kibalov
    Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University in the field of robotics. Head of Navigation Systems Department at Evocargo
  • Ivan Bolokhov
    Director of External Relations. PhD, graduated from MSU. Since 2016, he has been involved in projects related to artificial intelligence and NLP
  • Alexey Zorchenkov
    2019 -, Huawei System Programming Laboratory, developing NLP methods to improve the quality of program code
  • Fraank Shikhaliev
    Leads Mindset in software development and machine learning
  • Ignat Postny
    Partner and CEO
  • Pavel Krivozubov
    Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Department
  • Sergey Khodakov
    COO of Skolkovo IT Cluster
  • Dmitry Soshnikov
    Ph.D. Cloud Developer Advocate
  • Ales Kuchumov
    Application Engineer
  • Dmitry Mironov
    Solutions Architect AI for Russia & CIS
  • Sergey Shevchuk
    Product manager
  • Vitaly L. Dunin-Barkovsky
    PhD, Professor, Head Department of Neuroinformatics of the Center for Optical and Neural Technologies Research Institute of System Research RAS
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
    Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Yuri Vizilter
    Доктор физико-математических наук, профессор РАН, начальник подразделения ФГУП "ГосНИИАС"
  • Alexey Dral
    Генеральный директор BigData Team. Руководитель онлайн-специализации Coursera «Big Data for Data Engineers» в партнерстве с Яндексом
    Руководитель практических курсов по большим данным и машинному обучению для B2B и B2C сегментов.
  • Maxim Fedorov
    Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modeling.
  • Roman Fedorenko
    R&D expert in automatic control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile robots
  • Adele Yarullin
    Postgraduate student, KFU. Machine Learning Engineer, AI Center, Innopolis University
  • Maxim Rassabin
    Master in Robotics. Research Engineer, AI Center, Innopolis University
  • Rinat Sadekov
    PhD, Associate Professor, MISIS, Technical Director of "Smartvis"
  • Elena Tutubalina
    PhD, researcher in Insilico Medicine, Kazan Federal University.
  • Daria Baydakova
    Project manager
  • Sergey Sviridov
    Co-founder and CTO
  • Maxim Milkov
    CTO, Lead Data Scientist, Data Analysis Department, Softline Digital
  • Evgeny Sheenko
    Head of the Department of Strategic Development and Analytics, Skolkovo
  • Sergey Zaharov
  • Ilya Pronin
  • Maria Mashkeeva
    Director of Business Development
  • Alexandre Prozoroff
    Researcher at the Laboratory of Machine Intelligence, MIPT. Co-founder of Cybersin.
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